Date Released : 15 September 2009
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Starring : Dee Bradley Baker, Jeff Bennett
Genre : Animation | Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi
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Mata Nui (Michael Dorn),the Great Spirit of the Matoran universe on Aqua Magna, has been exiled from his home by his "brother", the evil Makuta Teridax. Teridax took over his gigantic robot body and placed Mata Nui's spirit inside the legendary Mask of Life. Teridax then banishes the mask into orbit in order to prevent Mata Nui from interfering with his takeover of the Matoran Universe.

The mask crash lands on a planet called Bara Magna, a remote, decaying wasteland of scrap parts and burnished metals. A Scarabax Beetle sees the mask create a body for Mata Nui and he picks up the Scarabax, who touches his mask. Upon doing so, the beetle changed into a living weapon. Just then, a being called a Vorox attacks Mata Nui, and flees with its stinger fallen off. He picks up the tail as a vehicle carrying a villager named Metus (David Leisure) showed up.

The fast-talking Glatorian recruiter takes Mata Nui to Vulcanus as he tells the once ruler about life on Bara Magna. Local villages scavenge for what remains, building shelters, survival gear and ultimately arenas where they can settle their disputes. Pitting the best gladiator in each village against one another, tribes can quickly end quarrels based on the outcome of the fight. Metus introduces Mata Nui to Raanu (Armin Shimerman), the Agori leader of Vulcanus, who is too interested in the fight between veteran fighter Strakk (Jeff Glen Bennett) and Vulcanus' prime Glatorian, Ackar (Jim Cummings), to talk. Strakk eventually falls in battle, but gets up and fells Ackar after conceding, a move that got him banned from the fights. Mata Nui intervenes and gets beaten down by the angry Strakk. As Mata Nui tried to use the stinger to defend himself, the mask transformed it into a sword. Mata Nui quickly defeated Strakk, gaining Ackar as a friend in the process.


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