Date Released : 14 June 1996
Quality : DVDRip
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Lihat : Trailer
Starring : Jim Carrey, Jack Black, Ben Stiller, Owen W
Genre : Comedy | Thriller
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A TV-obsessed cable installer, who gives his name as Ernie "Chip" Douglas (Jim Carrey), installs Steven Kovacs' (Matthew Broderick) cable television service after Steven moves out of the apartment he shared with his girlfriend Robin (Leslie Mann). After he illegally gives Steven free pay channels, Chip believes he and Steven have struck up a friendship. Chip takes Steven to a satellite dish and gives him advice about how to win back Robin. Chip tells Steven to invite Robin to his house to watch a movie with him. Steven does so and successfully invites Robin to his house. Chip begins to bombard Steven with calls but Steven does not respond to them. When Robin goes to Steven's house to watch the movie they find the cable has gone out. Chip reveals that he turned off the cable because Steven wasn't answering him. Chip turns on Steven's cable in exchange for him and Steven to hang out the next night.

Chip takes Steven to a Medieval Times restaurant and show where he arranges a fight between him and Steven. Chip appears to fight much more brutally than Steven. Steven however wins and the friendship between them strengthens. When they return home Steven finds that Chip has installed a full entertainment system into his house. Chip arranges a Karaoke party at Stevens' house. During the party Steven has sex with a woman named Heather whom he believes is one of Chip's customers; however, he finds out the next morning that the woman is actually a prostitute that Chip hired. Angered, Steven expels Chip from his life. Chip tries to make it up to Steven by getting Robin back with him. Chip beats up Robin's date (Owen Wilson) and is able to convince her to return to Steven. Chip tells Steven of what he has done but Steven tells Chip that he has no room in his life for another friend causing the latter man to snap. Chip resorts to stalking Steven and Robin to get the attention he feels he deserves.


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