Dated Released : 6 February 2010
Quality : DVDRip XviD-TASTE
Info : imdb.com/title/tt1278469
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Starring : Claire Danes, Catherine O'Hara, Julia Ormond
Genre : Biography | Drama
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The biography film starts off with Temple visiting her aunt for the summer and working on her ranch. Temple had always been fascinated by animals because they "thought like her" and she seems very interested in a machine that hugs the cows to "gentle them". One day, while having a panic attack, Temple places herself in the machine and it immediately calms her down.

When Temple first attended college, she was very nervous when she moved into her college dorm. Temple had another panic attack in her room, but her mother gave her space by closing the door. Immediately after, her mother had a flashback to when Temple was little and had relentless tantrums. Before that, Temple was diagnosed with classic autism, a severe case of autism in which she seemed aloof, lacked eye contact, had no language, and avoided human affection and touch. At this time, science classified autism as a form of schizophrenia, blaming mothers' as the cause for the disorder and claiming that they were cold and brutal to their autistic child, naming them "refrigerator mothers". The diagnostician suggested placing Temple in an institution. Temple's mother refused to listen to the diagnostician and helped Temple adapt to the everyday world. Her mother hired a speech therapist, who worked one-on-one with Temple and enabled her to acquire language.

During Temple's college years, she conceptualized the squeeze machine, which was designed for herself because she had a sensory integration dysfunction and disliked physical affection by people. The machine hugs both sides of her to calm her down, as she controls the pressure, and it makes her relaxed whenever she becomes tense. Even though the machine worked, the school forced Temple to remove it, claiming that it was some kind of sexual device. Later after spring break ended, Temple and her aunt came back to school to persuade the school to let her use the device. Temple later proved through a scientific study that the machine did work for her purpose and, as a result, she was allowed to keep it. She uses this machine for self-medicating reasons ever since.

Later on, the movie flashes back to when Temple was just getting into a new high school. She was expelled from the previous one because a child taunted her and she hit him with a book. There, she meets a supportive teacher, Dr. Carlock, who encourages her to go further into science as a career and to eventually attend college. Temple does indeed graduate from college and becomes a worker at a ranch. She rebuilds a new dip, and alters a slaughterhouse for cows so that it is much more humane. The film concludes with an autism fair convention, which Temple and her mother attend. Temple speaks out from the crowd and tells the audience about her difficult past, and how her mother helped her deal with the everyday world. The people become so fascinated that they request Temple to speak in front of the auditorium.


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