Dated Released : 27 December 2010
Quality : BRRip 720p BluRay x264-AVCHD
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Starring : Danny Trejo, Sean Bean, Lauren Cohan
Genre : Action | Sci-Fi | Thriller | Adult
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In 2012, private corporations now own and manage the prison systems. Getaway driver Carl "Luke" Lucas (Luke Goss) is arrested after a robbery gone bad for his crime boss Markus Kane (Sean Bean). As his accomplices are robbing the bank, two officers come in. Luke tells them to abort, but they refuse; Luke intervenes, but it results in the death of one of the three accomplices. Luke shoots and kills one of the officers and drops off his accomplices in order to fulfill Markus's wishes. In doing so, Luke is captured by the police following a high-speed chase and convicted to Terminal Island.

Terminal Island is under the control of The Weyland Corporation, which hosts Death Match, a competition where two dangerous convicts fight to the death or submission and can access weapons to use in the fight by stepping on a plate. Luke meets Lists (Frederick Koehler), who annoys him by over-analyzing everything, Goldberg (Danny Trejo), Rocco (Joe Vaz). Hosting Death Match is September Jones (Lauren Cohan), a former Miss Universe who lost her crown due to allegations of having a sexual relationship with one of its judges. She now works for The Weyland Corporation to create profit from the pay per view subscribers of Death Match. When a convict tries to stab Lists (because of his nature and weakness, as he was convicted only of conning), Luke defends him.

Luke is approached in the showers by September, who proposes that he fight. When he refuses, she makes sexual advances towards him, which he pretends to go before refusing. As revenge, September picks Lists to fight the convict who tried to stab him earlier. When Luke confronts her while Lists is running during the event, she refuses to help and he jumps over a barbed fence to fights for Lists. He is joined by Katrina Banks (Tanit Phoenix), a woman convict who is serving as a ring girl with other women convicts, who hits the convict with the round number sign made of metal. A riot breaks out during the fight between Luke and the convict because of racism, as Luke is white and the other convict is black. The convicts break down the fence to get in, and some of the rapists attack and attempt to rape female convicts. Katrina defends herself and helps the other women, who are then evacuated. The riot control guards come and Luke surrenders. Markus, worried that Luke will trade info on his crimes for immunity, discovers his location at Terminal Island. Afterwards, Luke sees Katrina.